the older i get the wiser i become. in my younger days i never realized most things that i do now. but im sure everyone is/has going through this phase. a mother/daughter connection should be the BEST thing a girl/son should have. the love a child has for his or her mother should be inevitable, but since im 20 and growing my relationship with my mom is not where is should or need to be. some times i feel like im more intellectual and more “grown” than her. a child should not feel like this at all. but who can you talk to when you have no one? GOD! yes i know he’s there through everything but i just want to sit and talk to my mom about certain things that i go through and face these days. whenever i have children my love for them WILL be unconditional. i will love my kids to DEATH and i want that same treatment and feeling in return… life is dawning on me and im learning and having these feelings as i grow! :(

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